Una más cosa

J'aime lécher des chats. Je cultive des ananas sous le lit. Je veux vivre dans une chaussure avec un grand chien. Je chante le corps électrique. J'ai un tapis fait de cheveux arrières tissés. Je mange des livres et lisez la viande. Appréciez le jour d'imbécile d'avril.


Jen said…
Huh? This is what Google Translate told me you wrote:

I lick cats. I grow pineapple under the bed. I want to live in a shoe with a large dog. I Sing the Body Electric. I have a rug made of woven hair back. I read books and eat meat. Enjoy the day April Fool.

I hope only the last 2 sentences are true especially because I don't know if I want to come to your house on Friday if you have a rug made of black "hair".

Happy April Fool's Day!
Dennis said…
Ok, licking cats is a little gross, they can lick themselves. I'm all for pineapple under the bed though, you never know when you might get hungry in the middle of the night, and a rug made of black hair? No wonder Jim is going bald.
Jenni said…
As I do understand some French, I had figured that you didn't mean what you were saying, and if you did, then we need to talk. Although, I read books and eat meat, too. Sometime at the same time!

I liked the cakewreck April Fool of little meatloaf cupcakes with mashed potato frosting.
Όχι, ότι η πρόταση είναι " Τρώω τα βιβλία και διάβασα meat."
TaterBean said…
HAHA...i read the translation that Jen posted on what you wrote and i laughed so hard...i tried to contain myself, as i was/am at work. LOL:P