Ultimate pictures

Ultimate Frisbee pictures, that is. (I am refraining from comments because the pictures pretty much speak for themselves. And I have nothing else to say today)

And these two are because I like Spring.


Jenni said…
They finally get to use the ultimate frisbee goal thingy for more than a festivus pole!! Jim looks thrilled to be included in the ultimate sport. And what nice pictures of new life.
Mike said…
Unfortunately that is not 'Ultimate Frisbee' which is a game like football/soccer played with a frisbee. The disks in use are frisbee golf frisbees and the goal would also be a FG goal. Poor monnikerization is something up with which I will not put. Try and think of something smart to retort to this comment! I dare say you cannot.
Very Concerned!
My retort is thus: I purposely mis-moniker this sport because it bugs Other Jim. And I believe that a teenager should not be coddled by such things as making sure sports are correctly labeled. ALSO, his high school Frisbee golf team shirt has the Ultimate Frisbee logo on it.

Unconcerned about your Very Concernedness. Go back to your foosball table.
Mike said…
Too concerned to play foosball.
Jen said…
Even if the game was not properly played in the exact way CC claims it must be, it still looks like fun.

Lovely flower pictures, and YAY for spring.