Good Friday? How about AWESOME Friday?

Why is it AWESOME Friday?

Ten reasons:

1. No school for the kids, which means I get shower and tub scrubbed, deck doors washed, and kitchen window washed.
2. I planned ahead for Fake Child's presence and had an Easter project ready to go, an egg hunt planned, and several coloring sheets ready. I am an awesome babysitter today (but only today). I even let FC smooch me on the lips, which normally I don't even do to the kids. I am very non-demonstrative.
3. Matt did the actual work for the egg hunt: plastic egg candy fillage and hiding of the eggs OUTSIDE!
4. It's breezy yet warm and I can wear shorts! (edited to add: it's raining! We need the rain)
5. I'm halfway through my college class! 9/18 assignments submitted! I'd have more but I am waiting for one set to get graded before I submit the next set (I submit three assignments at a time)
6. I'm all set for tomorrow's egg hunt at Grandma's! Special eggs for the big kids have been painted and filled, and the eggs for the little kids will be filled by Hayley and Matt who LOVE filling eggs.
7. I know what we're having for dinner and it requires very little work because I did all the work for it WEEKS ago! (freezer meals!)
8. I know I'm becoming dangerously Pollyanna-ish today, but I don't want to bore you with my troubles (which are admittedly few and minor compared to many in this world who don't have the luxuries I am accustomed to).
9. Daffodils about to bloom and lilac bushes leafing
10. Jen of the hawleyfocus is coming over to play with me today!

PS A friend of mine is having a fundraiser in honor of her friend who is losing a husband to cancer. If you have the means, consider donating.


Jenni said…
Oh!! I like all your reasons for an awesome Friday! As always, I wish I was there for the weekend festivities. Good for nice weather (yes, rain can be nice). And how lovely for daffy-dills and lilacs. They are some of my favorites. The azeleas are in full bloom here which helps make up for the lack of crocus, hyacinth, daffodill, tulip, lilac, peony, etc. The azeleas make me happy. Have fun!!