Track record

This just in courtesy of a phone call from Jim, who was able to watch the race in person up in Roseville (near his work):

Paul ran a 4:49 in the 1600m! That's his new personal record, and it's only one measly second off the sophomore record for his track team.

He is pretty pleased with himself. He was just a wee smidge behind their team's #1 runner.

I am sad that I was not able to go. But I was glad that Jim was there to see it. And I was glad to hear that Paul asked his dad to call me and tell me right away.

There are no pictures from the race because Jim forgot to take the camera. He really needs a little point-and-shoot one to keep in his briefcase.


Jenni said…
Yay Paul!! Run like the wind, Bullseye!
Jen said…
Wow, Paul! I'd bet by the time he's a senior, Paul will be #1! Go Paul (in my best cheerleader voice).

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