We're not dead yet

This post is for Katie, who I believe is trying to send Jim and me to an early grave by sending us miserably hard puzzles.

Once again, Katie, we have survived your attempt at patricide/matricide! Witness:
Actually this one was easier than the M & M puzzle, but not by much. The jellybeans were larger, so much so that it took 3-6 puzzle pieces to make one jellybean. The other puzzle had 3-4 M & Ms on each puzzle piece.

Warning for Katie (and anyone else) Do not send us a puzzle of the Beatles' White Album. If you disobey, then no more care packages from me ever!


TaterBean said…
mom...i cannot promise you that. everytime i step into fye i'm very VERY tempted to make a puzzle purchase...
i'm sad it was an easier puzzle...i didn't realize when i bought it that the jelly beans were bigger :(
puzzles don't make you die...lol
Jen said…
I saw that monster in person, and I can honestly say that Katie has it out for her folks. Congrats on surviving this latest poison...I mean puzzle from Katie.

The White Album as a puzzle. Now that sounds insane.
Jenni said…
Ha ha ha... I'm glad you are still alive. Whenever I start a puzzle, I always wish you were there to help me.
Dennis said…
People at work have been working on a 3,000 piece puzzle for well over a month and it is less than half finished. Their goal is to finish it before the end of school (or their minds). I havve sat in a few times and managed to find one piece that fit.