Utah trip

So I'm back.

I went out to Utah for several days and hardly took any pictures! On the day I wanted to take pictures, I forgot the camera. That was the day Mom and I went downtown with Katie. The flowers on Temple Square were gorgeous and I could have spent hours taking pictures of them--so you are spared looking at that.

I did take a couple of Katie in her kitchen. Here is one:The other girl in the picture is Katie's roommate, Julia.

Katie made smoothies for us.
We went to Deseret Industries (DI) twice. Mom has a thing for thrift stores and wanted to check out the Utah version. She was impressed. We got Katie a lamp and end table because Katie's living room has no overhead light and she likes to cross-stitch while watching TV at night. She needed light. The whole ensemble cost $17.
This is the view out Katie's dining room window. The library is across the street.
On the day we went downtown with Katie, we happened upon a small Japanese festival. If I had had my big camera, I would have taken pictures of the people dressed up in anime costuming, not because I like anime or think the people were cute, but because Hayley likes it and would have found the festival interesting.

I wasn't going to get the kids presents but I couldn't resist getting Hayley a dress at the Japanese festival. I guessed the size and I was right! She loves the dress. So I had to buy stuff for the other kids and Jim too.

The highlight of the vacation was actually a last-minute scramble. On Sunday, Katie wanted to go to church early so she could practice the organ before the meeting. She hadn't had a chance to do so during the week. So we got there half an hour before church--12:30. As we were getting out of the car, Katie got a phone call from the music director, who told Kate that the special musical number fell through and could Katie play an intermediate hymn? Katie said ok. Then my mom suggested that Katie sing a solo. By this time we were in the chapel. Katie said that she might have a solo in the car and she went to check. Sure enough, she had the music in her car. She went to get it photo copied so that she had a copy to sing from and Mom had one to play. Katie asked that in exchange for singing a solo last minute, could Mom and I play the organ for her? The opening and closing songs were tough ones but Mom said she would do it and I could play the sacrament hymn. Katie was nervous before singing, mostly because she and mom were only able to run through it twice, and one of those times was to see if Mom could play it. But she was a trooper and sang her little guts out. She did a wonderful job and received lots of compliments. I was so glad to hear her sing!

I was glad to see Katie in her environment and meet her roommate. Julia is a very nice girl and very friendly. But now I'm back and glad to be here too.


Jenni said…
I'm so glad you and mom went out there together!! What fun. I love the dress for Hayley and it does fit her just perfectly. I bet she'll wear it often!! That is very exciting about Katie singing at her church and that you got to be there. If she hasn't sung in her ward, I'll bet they were surprised at her talent. Lucky ward!
Mike said…
Katie sang her guts out huh? Gross.
Jen said…
Look at Katie that grown-up fixing meals for you and Grandma in her own kitchen! Very beautiful dress for Hayley. Glad she likes it. What a find from DI. That's the way to go for early adulthood apartments, thrift store finds or hand-me-downs were all we had when I first married Mike.
Jen said…
P.S. Can't wait to hear Katie sing, finally:)
We must have crossed each other midair between here and Utah.