Out of extreme boredom (both mine and Fake Child's) I was helping FC sound out words in the book Stop That Ball. (I love that book because my CA grandparents had it at their house in Simi Valley and I loved to look at the ball and follow its misadventures through the little town).

Anyway, I told FC to pick a word on the first page to sound out. She pointed to one; I was sitting across the room from her (my laziness extends far and wide) so I couldn't see which word she had picked out. Other Jim was at the kitchen counter eating some leftover spaghetti. FC mumbled the sounds to herself and then she looked at me. I asked her if she was able to sound the word out, and she nodded her head.

"OK," I asked. "What does it say?"


OJ nearly projectile spit his spaghetti across the room and collapsed laughing into the nearly empty plate before him. I managed to keep a straight face, although I'm sure my stomach, pancreas, liver, kidneys, and other assorted internal organs were busting their own guts laughing.

Ummm. She meant "hit." Unfortunately, she thought the letter "h" made the "sh" sound.

I think she recognized the word as possibly one of those that is best not used, but I just told her that I didn't think that was the word she was trying to sound out. I had her tell me the letters in the word, and indeed, it was "hit." We made the necessary pronunciation corrections and all is well now.

Although I think I won't be reading Stop that Ball anytime soon.


Karie said…
That's hilarious!
Jenni said…
Maybe that is what it said on the page when the person who was supposed to stop that ball, missed. So funny. I can just see OJ dying in the kitchen. Then texting all his friends.
Jen said…
If I had been drinking, then I would have definitely spit at the monitor after reading this. I always knew something was off about FC. Now I know it's because she's full of expletives waiting to innocently escape her lips (LOL).