In honor of sleep

I haven't done a retro post in a while. I looked at my photo albums (back in the day when I used actual film and had the pictures printed up and then I stuck them in albums) and pulled one out to fish around for any usable pictures. I looked through the album and thought, "These aren't retro." But they are quickly approaching retrohood. The photos are nearly eight years old and as far as the two subjects are concerned, they are even older than that (and possibly never really happened at all).

The first one is OJ asleep with a beanie baby on his chest. I think beanie babies are like cats; this one is presumably trying to suck OJ's soul from him as he sleeps. It's even got its tongue out, drooling in anticipation of owning OJ's soul. By the way, that quilt is now approaching threadbare-hood (threadbareness? threadbarity? It's gettin' old).

And here is OJ in his "creative sleep" mode.
Who on earth would willingly sleep like this? He has a bed not three feet away! In the time it took to haul the two chairs into the room, he could have climbed up onto his bunk several times. He also looks like he's in the middle of some sort of action sequence.

Matt at age 3 1/2.
He just couldn't stay awake any longer so he apparently just fell over in the hall and went to sleep. I can't imagine being SO tired that I couldn't take another step.

Other Jim still likes to sleep in places NOT his bed. We always find him asleep on the couch (he doesn't use the dining room chairs anymore). Why do we even bother with a bed for him?


Jenni said…
Laughed out loud. OJ looks like he is doing some "interpretive sleep" moves on the chairs.

And I love the one of Matt. "Can'"
Jen said…
Mike and I are still amazed at how your children could sleep anywhere. That last one of Matt is quite amusing. Really, was it too much to make it to the bed or at least a couch? The picachu mound that Hayley fell asleep on is still fresh in my memory, too. My kids are very picky about their sleeping arrangements and will only sleep in cribs, beds, or car seats.
Karie said…

That is all.