I found a fun new website to keep up with (I'd been looking for something since Stephanie O'Dea finished her 365 days of using a slow cooker). This woman has made a year-long commitment to shop for clothes only at flea markets and garage sales. She has given herself a budget of $1 a day and she will repurpose, alter, dye or restyle an old garment into something new. Read about her mission here (New Dress A Day). Some of the dresses she finds are truly hideous, but she manages to look good in her refurbishments (it helps that she's wicked skinny). I'd love to try this too, but question my ability to commit to a year-long mission such as this. It would be fun to try something like this, though.


Jen said…
Holy, Batman! That takes quite a commitment and creativity. Yes, one would definitely need to be rail thin to pull most of the looks she's created. Even so, I think many of her "after" looks are still dog ugly. However, I think I may be inspired to give it a whirl once in a while. Maybe we could do this together when we happen to be together.
Jenni said…
Very interesting! She is quite creative. I just have so much trouble when I go to Bethesda, though. I get all shaky and have to tell mom "no" so often that she has vowed to not take me back. You find the most interesting things on the interweb.