Born to run

Guess what season it is? That's right, it's Taking Pictures of Paul Running season again. Yesterday afternoon, the boys' track team had a home meet so I was able to go without having to drive miles and miles and miles.

He got some new track spikes because he outgrew his old ones. He chose green and gold. And his weren't the most outrageously colored track shoes on the asphalt either. I saw a pair of neon orange spikes on some otherwise normal-looking teenage boy's feet. It seems to me that track shoes are the one type of men's footwear that comes in loud colors.
And he's off.And he finishes!

I can't even remember what place he came in because I was too busy messing with the camera. Anyway, he ran slow; the whole bunch of them ran slow. I can't remember the last time the team's top distance runner got over 11 minutes, and he did this meet. Paul claims it's because they didn't really warm up. The meet ran ahead of schedule and he was in the bathroom when he heard "last call for the 3200m" over the loudspeakers.


Jenni said…
Well, there are more track meets. Maybe the track shoes are so pretty because it is the only "personality" they are allowed, being on a team and wearing the team uniform. He is looking older, taller, skinnier, Pauler. Hip hip hooray for another season of "Track - Running in Circles."
Jen said…
Like the shoes! Of course, I'm partial to green. This became very evident to me when I realized that the only outfits I packed for San Diego had lots of green in them. Oh, well!