Brace yourself

Hayley now has braces on her top teeth! She'll be getting braces on the bottom in a few months when her top teeth have moved a little. I don't know all the whys and wherefores of putting the bottom ones on later, but it has something to do with her bite.
She was excited to get them on finally. She's been asking for braces since Paul got his on. She did miss the state assessment testing that is going on at the school, but HONESTLY, when I made the appointment several MONTHS ago, mandatory state testing wasn't even on my mind. I did not think to consider, "When will Hayley be taking the MCAs? Perhaps I should schedule around them." I'm not a fan of assessment testing anyway. Does the child do well in school generally? Yes. Then she's fine. Jen, want to chime in on state assessments--real reason for and what does it measure exactly?

ANYWAY, Hayley has braces.

And I'm in Utah. And I won't be blogging for a little while. But don't think you can come over to my house and break in and steal stuff, cuz the rest of the family is still here. I'm the only one who went to Utah. Oh, my mom came with me, but she doesn't live in my house. And no you can't go over to her house and steal her stuff. That would be mean. And she would be mad. Believe me, I've seen her get mad when I was a kid and you don't want to see her mad.


Jen said…
I'd say congrats to Hayley, but I remember having braces and not enjoying the experience one bit. I hope she has more positive adventures with hers than I did.

Have fun in Utah. I hope your mom isn't too worn out after spending last week with my overly active and always sick children.
Jenni said…
Maddie just got her bottom braces on after having gotten the tops MONTHS ago. Congrats (?) to Hayley, it will all be worth it in the end.

Don't get me started on state testing. FL has taken it too far and you can be held back, forced into intensive reading classes, and even have your diploma withheld. It is stupid.

Have a great time in Utah!! Wish I was joining you. We'll have to do that sometime!