Woe to Paul

Paul has hypodontia.

He went in for his ortho appointment and the orthodontist informed Paul that he has no wisdom teeth and will never have them. Poor Paul! He won't have the pleasure of being loopy without realizing it, and trying to prove he's a manly guy by going to work/school the same day as his extraction (like OJ did, or in the case of school, TRIED to do but I wouldn't let him). And Jim and I lose the opportunity of emptying our wallets as an offering to Maxillarius and Mandibularus, the gods of supernumary teeth (two of the lesser gods in the pantheon of mighty beings who rule over life with teenagers). Alas.

The good news is that the braces are doing the job and will be on only for another nine months.


Jen said…
Don't feel sorry for Paul. I think that's a good thing to not have those monstrously useless teeth removed. I got mine out before they came in, and I looked like a chipmunk for several days. Thank goodness his braces are working:)
Jenni said…
Poor Paul. I hope he doesn't feel short changed in life. Tell him we still think he is pretty darn neat!
LOL Sarcasm. I do not feel sorry at all for Paul, Jen.

Paul is neat in many ways, some of them slightly alarming, bordering on obsessive/compulsive.

I think it's strange that from two parents who never had braces come five children with orthodontia issues (although OJ's will remain unresolved forever unless he wants to pay for having two teeth turned around 180 degrees)
TaterBean said…
yay paul! my wisdom teeth are comming in i can see some of them poking through...it is sad since i can't afford to have them pulled...
Mike said…
Wait about a year and I can take them out for you!!!
Concerned Citizen
TaterBean said…
oh my gosh! Really? Thanks so much, that would be amazing! THANK YOU!!!