Piles and a gross sock

I'm in project mode. It started with my newest class. I have an assignment to reflect in writing on my letter-writing experiences. I'm supposed to quote from some of my letters. In order to avoid doing what I'm supposed to but still make myself think that I'm doing it, I chose to get out old letters that people have sent to me and organize them into piles.
Pile #1 is in a dark blue binder. These are letters from my sister Jenni. They are in order, but will be added to once I get through all the letters. But for now, they comprise letters from 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, and 1997. And even one or two from 1989.

Pile #2 is made up from letters from my mother.

#3 is a grouping of letters from Jim's family: his dad, his mom, his grandma Wright, and his sisters.

#4 is a slew of letters from my college and high school friends (only one of them wrote me after 1990, and even so, I haven't heard from her in 10 years) and from my grandparents.

#5 is a pile of secret mushy letters from one lovebird to another and vice versa when they were separated by 2000+ miles over the course of one summer (1988) (and no you can't read them).

#6 is a pile that I didn't know would exist. I had forgotten that at one time, my brothers wrote letters to me. One is Mike's famous list of acceptable names for what would eventually be Katie. And another letter describes my niece Morgan on the day of her birth as the proud new owner of an uncle named Mike.

#7 is a collection of some of Jim's mission stuff that somehow got mixed up in the letter box.

#8 is a pile of letters from my dad. Recognize the letterhead, Dad? If you can't read it, try clicking on the picture so it will show up larger.

So that was ONE SHOEBOX. ONE! Here are the rest:

These letters are all really old. It's been fun glancing over history, except for those letters when Mom yelled at me for being financially airheaded. I cringed more than once. But then I say to myself, Look how much has happened since then! We've made it through all those difficult years!

Sigh, however. I still have a lot of organizing to do. I'm going to arrange the letters chronologically (Piles #2, 3, and 8) The rest will be put into binders and organized in whatever way I fancy when I do it.

And for your viewing displeasure, here is a picture of a particularly nasty sock.

Matt obviously needs some new footwear. Sidenote: he refuses to go barefoot. Ever. Yuck.


Jenni said…
That is awesome!! I have smaller piles. I had all the letters, then I got overwhelmed and threw a bunch away and now I wish I had them. I kept the ones that were especially tender. That is great. I'd love to hear some of the quotes.

My kids tend to go barefoot all the time and wonder why their heels are cracked and icky and mine are nice and soft.
Dennis said…
I used to have letters to my mom & dad from when I was on my mission but I threw them out. I was so embarassed after rereading them a few years ago that I could not/would not let anyone else read them.
Jet America.
Jen said…
You are such a dedicated friend/sister/niece/daughter/what have you to save all those letters for so many years. I can't bring myself to do the same. I don't even have my yearbooks from school (threw them out when I married Mike to make room in our dinky apartment).

I know some of the approved names for Katie including Red Broccoli.