Apples and Squash 2: What I've got in my freezer

Except for Paul. I don't keep him in the freezer. While watching the election results downstairs on Tuesday night, Jim and I heard a strange noise. Not that sounds from the piano are strange at our house, but all three people who use the piano (Hayley, Matt and me) were downstairs. Surely it is a ghost, we all thought, but Halloween is over, we reasoned. Really and truly, I could not figure out how the piano was making sounds, and song-like sounds much less (so we knew it wasn't a cat walking on the piano keys--which they haven't ever done before), when the three of us were all not at the piano. Then Jim, who has a less rigid set of question answering brain cells, said, "Is that Paul on the piano?" And it was. He hasn't touched the piano since he stopped taking lessons several years ago. Here he is, playing from a book he had for his lessons.
And now, here is what I have in my freezer.

Carrots from my garden which I washed, cut up, blanched and froze (this is what I did yesterday besides blog). I have four more rows of carrots to go. This is the yield from about one row: 5 sandwich bags in a one gallon freezer bag (I froze them in about 1- 1/2 cup servings for soup)
Apple pie filling. I gave one container to fake child's mother.
Here are more apples from my tree. No, I won't get to applesaucing them today. I have to drive for Meals on Wheels, babysit, and play at children's choir. The apples will have to wait. Plus I need to get my mother's applesaucer.


Jessie said…
I'm so amazed at all your home-grown goodness! You make me want to plant a garden - sadly, it would be a difficult proposition in 1)an apartment and 2)the desert of Arizona.

Anyway - it all looks so tasty! Enjoy the fruit (and vegetables) of your labors! (haha, that's a little gardening humor for ya)
Jen said…
Hooray for you to finally put those apples to use. So are any of those pie fillings going to be sampled on Thanksgiving? I sure hope so. I also can't wait to taste those yummy squash buns smothered in the most fatteningest butter. Num num!
Jen said…
P.S. Good for Paul to try out his piano playing skills once again. Hopefully, he'll be motivated to keep it up. We always need good piano players at church...LOL.
froggybaby said…
It all looks so good. We have been reading Puritan Poetry in my 11th grade classes and it has made me hungry for Thanksgiving dinner and so we talked about our favorite things to eat for the holidays. I mentioned the squash rolls.