Last night, Jimmy and I discussed possible (but in reality impossible) legal limitations on when stores are allowed to play Christmas music. Since he works at a giant box store, he is already SICK of Christmas music. I vote for Christmas music being allowed on the day after Thanksgiving. Jimmy insisted we should not hear "Jingle Bells" until December 15.

So I told Jim about it afterwards while Matt listened in. And all of a sudden, Matt said,

"Is Black Friday always on a Saturday?"

Then Hayley and Matt were discussing Argus Filch of Harry Potter fame. Hayley said, "Argus is a Squib." Matt continued to elaborate: "Short for Squibber."*

*OK, for that to be even remotely funny, you have to know that from the time Matt could talk, he has talked of imaginary animals called either "squivvers" or "squibbers." They eat pickles and are not at all related to squirrels.


froggybaby said…
Kmart used to play a hideous recording and my least favorite was "Christmas is Coming, the goose is getting fat..." I hated it with a hatred so deep. I feel for you, man.