Very random picture dump

It's a Tuesday. I didn't do anything overly exciting yesterday. Neither did the kids or Jim. So it's retro picture dump day today (as well as being Veteran's Day--shout out to all veterans and servicemen and women!). (Note to self: Find retro pictures of Jim)

Hey look, an actual picture of me studying in college! Note all the fab decor on the walls and on the shelf behind the back of the bed/couch. That's a calc book I have. And the rock is in this picture.
One day, my roommate, Karen, and I put off studying (um, I don't think Karen ever studied, actually) and made these. The window looks awesome, doesn't it? Lots of people in the dorms taped stuff to their windows to "make a statement" (stuff like "I heart Idaho" etc.) We didn't have a statement to make, we just didn't feel like studying and the interweb wasn't widely available as a form of wasting time yet. Do you see the little dots on the window? We taped hole punch leavings (Mike calls these "toilet weed") to the window too for added effect.

This is Katie. She was less than a year old at the time.
We always found Jimmy sleeping in random places. This was the randomest. He looks kinda uncomfortable. Notice how he had even put a pillow in the box with him.
Paul the Imp. He is eating Country Crock Margarine Spread (and apparently liking it). We couldn't leave him alone with butter on the table because he would crawl up and get into it. He'd not just eat it, but he'd get his fingers in it and smoosh it (look closely at the hand not holding the knife).
We also couldn't leave Paul alone with the fridge. Usually we put a baby gate up in the doorway to the kitchen. This is what happened the ONE TIME I forgot to put the gate up. That was fun to clean up.

Matt and Hayley aren't included in this because baby pictures of them aren't retro yet.


Jen said…
Awww, look at those wittle babies. So cute. Doesn't it make you want to have more?!?

I love your "retro" hair or state fair hair as Mike calls it. Posters like that hang in my dorm room, too. I wonder if dormies still do that today or if it's not so cool anymore. I love the snowflakes. I may have to do that with the girl for our windows. Very chic!
I'll have more if you catch up with me in number of children. ;)

Yes, I indulged in state fair hair, although mine was not as big as some. As I was looking through old pics for post fodder, I came across a picture of Kim (of Kim'n'Todd) and her hair was HUGE. Oh, the good old days! I still like big hair. Small hair does not flatter my face.

I've encouraged Hayley to do the snowflake thing too. She's done a few for her window.
froggybaby said…
LOVE the retro pictures. It is very hard to believe you lived in a dorm - I wasn't there then and I never seen it. Seeing the rock made me feel warm inside. Love the baby pictures. It is nice to look at them and remember all the fun that was had. ALthough the picture of Paul with the eggs on the floor reminds me of why I like big kids so much!!
Ditto on the liking big kids! I haven't stepped on a Lego brick in ages. And if Paul did that now, he could clean it up himself!
Jen said…
new jumpsuit has arrived, Annie was ecstatic about its arrival and requested that I wear it immediately
How exciting for you. You must have another picture taken of you wearing this jumpsuit. Will you have it embroidered above the pocket with your name?
froggybaby said…
I can embroider a plethora of designs for you!