We've all had botox injections

Jim brought these home from work. He says he won them for answering a question. (if I got an award every time I answered a question on my job, we would have to build another house to contain all the prizes... Sometimes that's all I do for hours on end)

Anyway, I'd like to share the gruesomeness with you.

To be fair, I must post a picture of me wearing the scarlet beauties (which also taste like cherry).
Jenni, somewhere there is a picture of the two of us sporting wax lips--we must have been 5 and 6 or something. Too bad I don't know where it is or I would have posted it here and said something like "I haven't changed much, have I?" or "I started on botox early."

Jim says he's going to start ripping up the carpet in the future boys' room to get it ready for the new flooring (TUESDAY!).

Last night Jim and I went to a late movie--the new James Bond one. Despite not quite understanding who the bad guys were working for--the whole plot line of "what was the organization behind Vesper Lynd's death"--I loved it. I was never much of a James Bond fan (except for the one time as a kid that Julie and me and Jenni won tickets to see "For Your Eyes Only" by calling into a radio show. We tried for DAYS and only Julie knew the secrets of effective phone dialing to get through on the switchboard. Julie's sister and brother-in-law accompanied us to the downtown theater, I think. The only thing I remember about the movie was some person behind us yelled "Harpoon 'im!" during one scene. That became a catch phrase of sorts between Julie and Jenni and me) but I do like this Daniel Craig version. He never smiles, he gets dirty and bloody, and doesn't rely heavily on contraptions and gizmos to save the day. And I have always liked Dame Judi Dench. And British accents.


Dennis said…
The lips are too funny.
froggybaby said…
The movie was "For Your Eyes Only" and we loved it. And we loved the song. And it was great. And I will have to see the movie. And I loved Pierce Brosnan for a multitude of reasons. (ooo - fodder for a blog post) And, I have the picture you are thinking of!!! You look so beautiful with the lips. That was too funny and made me LOL. However, being that I'm nearing 40, there was no ROTF.
froggybaby said…
Sorry, I lied. Don't have the picture. Mom is the guilty one.
I thought I got the wrong Bond film title. I'll go back and change it later. I'm at Mom's now. Maybe I'll look for the picture while I'm here.
Jen said…
Very funny pictures. You should get one of each of your family members and frame them somewhere in your house. That would be sweet.

I have to say that I've never been a fan of the Bond movies, and I just don't think Daniel Craig is the least bit handsome. He looks like a turtle to me (in a very unattractive way). It sounds like you had fun though.