Time Travel

I'm writing this post yesterday (thus the time travel. I'm appearing to you on Saturday even though it's Friday where I am) just to tell anyone who is expecting interweb outpourings from my fingers and brain early on a Saturday morning that it ain't gonna happen. I am not at home. Now, all you burglars, don't you come flocking to my house. My big attack cat will claw your eyes out. And the fruit flies leftover from the apple experience are trained to swarm the heads of intruders and irritate your nasal passages and eyeballs.

So I'm posting this now (yesterday but today) just to make sure I get a post in for NaBloPoMo. I still might post later, since I will be home by this (tomorrow) afternoon.


Jen said…
Oooh, where are you? I want all the details:)
froggybaby said…
Believe me Jen, you don't want the "details." Now, where they may be staying, yes. I'm just impressed with Sara's capacity to travel time.
Jim and I went to St. Paul for an overnighter without kids to celebrate 20 years of matrimony.

As for details...a game of Scrabble was played (someone who is accustomed to winning actually LOST), a movie was watched, and channels were surfed with a very uncooperative remote control device, and that is as much as you need to know.
Jen said…
Ok, I suppose I didn't make the connection between your night away and your 20th anniversary. So I guess I don't want the "details".