Electric Booger-loo

Reason #21 for the exasperated look on my face:
Hayley mentioned during dishwashing time last night that she wanted to hurry up so she could go back to Matt's experiment. I asked what he was doing. She tried to explain, but the words got all tangled up in her mouth. From the kitchen, I saw Matt in a semi-dark living room; he was rubbing his face on the couch.
"What are you doing?" I asked, perplexed.
"Hey mom! Guess what! When I rub my face on the couch really fast, lightning comes out of my nose!"

Oh, the wonders of static electricity. He could totally be a super hero. Naso-Static Boy! He fights e-vil with boogers of SHOCKING power!

And then Reason #22 for the exasperated look on my face:
After I barked at Matt to get over here and help dry dishes and stop asking me questions like "What if the heaviest thing in the world was a man this tall?" (holding his hand four inches above the floor), Matt turned to Hayley and said, "Hey Hayley, when Mom yelled at me, her face looked like THIS!" And he mocked me with some underbite-ish troll face. And they both laughed.

With a screech of blog tires on internet asphalt, I change direction from electric snot and mockery to band concert. Here is Paul with his French horn.This concert was the 9th grade indoor marching band concert so none of the kids were allowed to sit, except for the clarinetist who was on crutches. I couldn't hear Paul, but he looked like he was playing.

And speaking of screeching tires, here is a picture of Jimmy driving. No license yet, but Jim is going to take Jimmy to try again tomorrow.


froggybaby said…
You must be so proud. Electric snot. I'm near tears.
the marching band doesnt hav mellos?
No idea. If they do have them, they'd be used for the actual marching band. This band was only 9th graders.
Jen said…
Matt is so strange. I imagine that Mike was probably pretty similar to Matt at that age. So I suppose there's not too much to worry about for Matt in the future since Mike seemed to do "okay".

I didn't know that's how someone holds a French horn. Shows how much I know about instruments.
TaterBean said…
dang, i miss living at home with super weird siblings...

jimmy isn't gonna take the test with the van is he? no...that would not work. he'd fail the parallel parking because he wouldn't be able to see the cones...