My foray into politics


OK, my political rant is over. You can see I am very zealous in my view. I apologize if my extreme opinion (otherwise known as "fact") caught you off guard or ran in opposition to your political philosophy. :)

As Hayley went out to the bus stop this morning, she yelled for me to "Come and see!" So I went and saw. And then I came back in the house for my camera.

I love fog, as long as I'm not driving in it. And this fog seems pretty localized, a mini-fog if you will (or even if you won't).
Yesterday, the guy came to measure the new boys' room for the laminate floor installation. He came fifteen minutes early (good thing I was home. I almost wasn't) and it took him mere minutes. We should get an estimate tomorrow. Yay for getting things done! Paul already moved much of his clothing into the dresser that Katie left empty (or mostly empty. I still had to fish a few things out of it). Paul has outgrown the four drawers in the dresser he shares with Matt so now he will be able to put all of his neatly folded clothes (yes, very neatly folded. And arranged in nice piles that don't overflow, and fit just right into the space he allots for them. Really) in the dresser. Previously, he has had to stack folded clothes outside his dresser and he HATES to have to do that.

Jim is calling me on the phone. Did you know that soon we will be celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary? Time flies when you are having fun! Or when you are super busy raising kids.


Jen said…
Very cool! Very spooky! How exciting to get new flooring in the boys' room. You are getting so close to the Great Room Move. Hooray!
Jen said…
Oh, I almost forgot...HAPPY almost 20TH ANNIVERSARY!
Karie said…
Pretty fog! I'm with you--it's great to look at, but I hate driving in it.
katie said…
I remember that fog. We got fog a lot when I was sitting at the bus stop.
yeah...happy anniversary on the 19th....last year must have been your "golden anniversary"
froggybaby said…
I voted!! My students like to ask who I'm voting for and I haven't told anyone! I tell them that it is considered rude to ask.
Dennis said…
Both Sharon and I voted. It took all of 10 minutes - no line, just walk in get your bqallot, vote, get your "Ivoted" sticker, leave.
I saw a lot of the fog this morning and had to explain to 2 of my "I know everything" students the difference between fog and mist.
Jen said…
I voted after lunch. I got there at 1 p.m. and expected a madhouse. Instead, nobody was there. I had to register, too, and I was in/out in about 10 minutes. Score! Mike went over after work around 3:30. He, too, was not met with crazy crowds. He returned home around 4 p.m. Can't beat that. This definitely wouldn't have been the case in D.C.