So you wanna see some pictures from the photo shoot yesterday? I won't show you a ton, just a few faves. Jen did some fine work. We missed Katie, though. I got to use Jen's camera (which brought on a severe case of camera envy).

heehee! I am the only one not looking.

Mike had a LOT of fun goofing off, and since I was manning (or womaning) the camera, I took some pictures of him doing it. Jen was oblivious. Click on the picture for a closer look!


Dennis said…
What great pictures. I just noticed that Hayley has dimples placed exactly where her mom's are. That's cute.
TaterBean said…
I LOVE those pictures! I noticed that Jimmy looks a lot like Dad...like in the picture with just Jimmy wearing his sunglasses. The pictures turned out great!
froggybaby said…
WOW - what great pictures. Where did you go for to get them took? I like Jimmy's new do. Katie is just now noticing that Jimmy resembles his father? Has she ever seen him before? Maybe she is just now realizing they are two separate people!! No, really, they are great. I likes the ones of you and Jim. Are those your special 20 year shots? I guess that makes them the "after" pictures. They are wonderful!
Thank you all for your compliments. Yes, Dad, Hayley seems to have inherited my head, pretty much. Except for the teeth.

Katie, really, you are just noticing this now?

Jen, we went to downtown Savage to the historic Savage Depot. It was a coffee shop until just a few days ago when it closed up for good. We even had to tell a few people who were wanting their coffee that the shop was defunct.

And yes, those pictures are our 20 years after pictures. Look on my facebook page (use Morgan's or Rozzie's account--I'm friends with the both of them) and you can check out a few more pics.
TaterBean said…
yes...im just noticing it now...i didnt really look at dad and jimmy right next to each other and compare...but now that i am thinking about it...i noticed it...
Jen said…
The ones you posted are my favorites (except for the ones with me in the them, especially the one where Mike is biting my head and of my butt...thanks for showing that one).

You have quite a handsome family and it's good to see smiles on yours and Jim's faces after 20 years:) I hope it will be the same for Mike and me (although ours will probably have to be taken from the looney bin since I'll probably be there after 20 years with Mike).
Enough about your butt. :P I posted that not because of your BUTT, but because of ANNIE. It's a nice spontaneous moment.

And I'm sorry to disagree with you, but I LOVE the one of Mike biting your head. You look lovely in it, and Mike is Mike in it--no posing.

I'll come to visit you in the loony bin.
meg.. said…
Great pics! Such a beautiful family. Jen does take nice pics.
mastubz said…
Wonderful pics. Jen does a great job! You have a beautiful family and I am so glad for blogging, so I can see them. I loved seeing the pics of your mom in the previous post. Have I ever told you how much she means to me? I feel like she taught me everything I needed to know about birthing, mothering, cooking and sewing. We laughed good too. The greatest thing about your mom is she accepted me as I was (we call ages 10-14 the unfortunate years), and for once in my life I felt like a person of worth. She never made me feel inferior and respected my 12 year old opinions. I love her. I have always felt she was my kindred sister.
I know she feels the same way about you. We were looking at a photo album of hers that Jenni put together and we came across your senior picture and she said you were quite beautiful. She has many good memories of her association with you.