Salon de Shoebox Castle

I cut four heads worth of hair last night. Paul had been pestering me for a haircut the last week or so, and if I was going to go through the trouble of getting out the electric clippers and scissors and make a hairy mess on the floor, I might as well force Matt into getting his hair cut too. And then Hayley said she wanted a trim and some sort of bangish treatment. Then Jimmy chimed in that he could use a cut as well. So that's all done and I don't have to think about kids' haircuts for several months. Although when Katie comes home, she might as for a trim. And I'll probably get Jim's hair then too. I don't cut my own hair, no way.

Today's thankful message: I am thankful for work. (Or "WORK!" Jenni, Jake, Mike, Dave: you know what I mean). I am very grateful for a hardworking husband. He is not worried about his job at the great stagecoach, and pizza delivery seems to suit him just fine as a second job. He hated the great stagecoach the first year (or three) that he was there, but now he is comfortable doing what his job requires and all seems to be well. He has a lot of unused vacation days that he has to take before year's end (he can't roll those days over to next year) so I get him at home 5 extra days in the month of December. I am grateful for Jimmy's job. He complains of being scheduled too much (25 hours a week is a little much), but he doesn't complain about it otherwise. And I think of the things a teenage boy could be doing and then I am glad Jimmy spends as much time at work as he does. I'm grateful for Katie's two jobs that make it possible for her to live on her own and give her experience as a single young lady in charge of her own life. I am grateful for my little fake child situation. Fake child is a pleasant little girl and the parents pay me pretty well for a part time unlicensed daycare provider. I am grateful for work around the house even though all of us complain about it. It is never done, but that is a lesson in itself. I like the feeling of doing a job and sitting back afterward and appreciating the completed task. Without work, no real enjoyment could be appreciated. I like making dinner if only because at the end, there is a homecooked meal on the table. I like mopping the kitchen and dining room if only knowing at the end there will be clean floors. And so I am grateful for work.


dave said…
Sara, I believe it is spelled "WOOOOOOOOOORK!" It must always be said with a fist in the air for true effect.
Jen said…
Pictures please of the children's haircuts. You know me, I love a good makeover story.

I, too, am quite grateful for my husband's work. Without that and the stability it brings I would be "WOOOORKING", too. I have so much freedom at home to spend with my children and do my personal hobbies. Life is great!
froggybaby said…
I'm glad for your post, as I have had a bad attitude regarding my job. In my head, I know it is a blessing and the right thing to do. I even enjoy the kids and the people I work with. The part I struggle with the is actual "having a job" part. It may sound like I'm a pampered cry-baby, but I always worked from the time I was 16 up until Morgan was 18 months. Then I stated babysitting when Maddie was a baby. So, thank you for reminding me.

And my word verification is "unalike." weird
Karie said…
Ooooo, being thankful for work. That's a good one. I'm impressed with just how much work you all do. It's inspiring.

And I hear you on the haircuts. If I'm gonna drag out all the equipment for one squirming child, the other squirming child is going to get one too, whether she likes it or not.
Dennis said…
Work is rewarding. I have worked for about 50 years doing a lot of different things from an airline sales rep, to 3rd shift janitor at a health club. I started working summers with my dad at about 16 as a gofer on his construction jobs. I didn't actually get paid but I could collect pop bottles and return them for my financial reward. And now I'm retired and still working. Driving a bus isn't difficult and it keeps me busy during the day. Work is good.