If at first you don't succeed

Try again next week. Hopefully then the test administrator won't tell you that you were a little too cautious (don't we want our drivers to be cautious?). And obstacle courses are hard. Regular streets are much easier to navigate. There will be cake when success is finally achieved.


froggybaby said…
So that is why there are so many drivers who don't care at all. Like the two young men who blew through stop signs yesterday when I clearly had the right of way. I love the whole "too cautious" crap (sarcastic). THat is what is wrong with America - people aren't cautious!!!
Jen said…
Don't worry, Jimmy, you'll get it one of these days. I find it odd, too.

I couldn't agree more with what Jenni says. In fact, I had that happen to me the other day. In the south, I saw some of the craziest driving such as people making u-turns right in front of me and into oncoming traffic, or driving in the turn lane or shoulder to pass people (while still on their cell phones, of course), or people going out of their way to not let you get "in line". My all time favorite though is when someone speeds up to pass you, but then they slow down when they get in front of you causing you to slow down....urgh!
Mike said…
Jimmy, well at least you have a job... My mom didnt let me get my drivers license till I was 18. She didnt feel that I was responsible enough. I showed her though, I am now a world champion in freestyle and distance responsibility!!! Better luck next time and be less careful.
Concerned Citizen
CC--I hear freestyle responsibility is really difficult. I've never tried it myself. I've tried distance responsibility, but I find my stamina isn't quite up to par for that either. I'm more of a responsibility sprinter. I can also dead lift responsibility.