A new Charlie's Angel

My blog entry today is centered around Katie, whom I haven't discussed much in recent weeks. Some of you might be interested in her escapades, and, since she doesn't have a blog, it is incumbent upon me to share what little I get from her, picture-wise.

I asked her permission to post some of the pictures she sent, but I haven't received the official OK yet. But since she's let me post pictures of her before (without her consent--all the prom pictures and Grease pictures) I'll not wait for her to email me back saying OK.

So she sent me these photos from a recent outing she went on with Jim's uncle Art. Here is an excerpt from her email:
"i had a blast. i think that was the first time i've ever shot a gun before....i shot some old rifles and the hand gun...a couple with scopes on them...it was all pretty awesome!"

Here is my beautiful daughter being all tough and scary.
Here is the man to whose family we entrusted with the care of our daughter. See what he does with her? And he's trying like the dickens to turn her into a Republican. But she is holding strong to her Democratic ways. My little liberal! (She was very happy on Tuesday night this past week)
Here is uncle Art helping an unnamed young man with bullet selection or something like that.Katie, sometime you should go hunting with Uncle Mike.

Update: Katie DOES have a blog now. And she posted basically the same stuff. Here is her blog. I guess now I'll have to let her speak for herself. After all, she is an adult. But that doesn't mean I'll never mention her again on this blog.

And by the way, Katie is not coming home for Christmas, but she is coming home for her birthday. Jan 4-11 or something like that.


froggybaby said…
Great to see Katie. That looks like a lot of fun. I will look-see at her blog later on!
TaterBean said…
Did you put "unnamed young man" on your blog just to be funny? LOL.
I did send you an email saying that you could use the pictures...did you not get that?
Taterbean, yes I did and yes I got the email.
Jen said…
The handgun katie is firing is a model 1911 of unknown make, it is was originally made for the military as the service pistol and chambered in .45 cal. The commonly make them in many other calibers like 9mm etc. If I know Art, its a .45 though, good for him. Reminds me of a Bloom County cartoon where the Liberal makes a bunch of money from writing a book 'on a borrowed Smith Corona' and then saves a ton of money on taxes from Regans tax cut, "what is a Liberal to do?!" he cries. Under a plan that our future president authored Katie would be a felon for firing that fire-arm but she is having fun doing it anyway. As a 'citizen' of this country I am 'concerned'. On another note one of our ladies committed a felony crime, I baked two loaves of wheat bread, even used my hand wheat grinder to crack some wheat to mix it in and spread on the top to give it body. Well, while we were at church, our oldest girl Lucy removed it from on top of the toaster oven and ate an entire loaf leaving us with one. She served some time for that one, felony theft...
Concerned Citizen
Jen said…
I hope you know that the real "Jen" did not author the previous comment. I, too, have never fired a gun. Funny how that works since I live with Mr. Handgun.

Lucy is still in time out since her theft yesterday. A whole loaf of bread! What a pig!
TaterBean said…
wow...how does mike know so much about a gun that he's only a semi bad picture of? nice...