I'm all appled out. I finally processed the rest of the apples yesterday. It took a while, but now the boys are stocked up for applesauce for, oh, at least a week. Jimmy had a spoon to the applesauce as it was dripping off the masher (the metal cone thingy in the picture).
I got five plastic containers of differing volumes of applesauce. Here is a picture of four of those containers (and one container of deli-sliced roast beef--the container with the yellow lid). The fifth container of applesauce is in the freezer.
I saved the water that I boiled the apples in just for an experiment. I wanted to see if it tastes like apple juice. We shall see this morning if it is suitable for consumption. If it is, I will have gotten three forms of apple product off my harvest: pie filling, sauce, and juice. Too bad I am not a fan of processed apple products. I like apples only in the form they are born. :) I do this ALL for my kids.

Today I plan to start on the squash buns. I do like those.


Marta said…
even if the water is not good to drink, it would be good for bread baking or soup stock.
Oooh, good idea! Thanks! I think a ham soup would be good with an apple flavored stock.
Jen said…
What?!? You went through all that work, and you don't even like applesauce. This is a travesty. I've always loved applesauce. I would sometimes steal the baby's applesauce for myself. YUM!

It looks like you put those apples to good use. I'm glad you didn't let them go to waste like our neighbor who has 3 apple trees. By the time we found out about them and received permission to pick all the apples were already felled on the ground and rotting. Mike asked the owners if they at least got some for themselves, and they hadn't. So sad!
froggybaby said…
I love apple sauce and apple pie! Such delicious flavors!