massive T-day picture dump because I have nothing else to post about

Yes, we had a fabulous Thanksgiving. Yes, we missed you if you weren't there.

On to the pictures:
Some of the kids at the kids' table.
Owen has his own kids' table.Jen in the kitchen. I noticed going through my pictures that the two other sisters-in-law managed to avoid the camera (or I missed them). I'll have to do better at Christmas. Marissa and Steph, I WILL get you on camera next time! Oh, I also missed Jim, although you can see his shirt in this picture.
Mike grills some bacon-wrapped pheasant pieces. Yummy!
Mike and Dave laugh at something. I'm usually out of the loop on their funnyisms, but I do like to listen to the stories.
Jake and Mom deal with the root vegetables. Another yummy!
Paul is a good dish dryer after the dinner.
Long after dinner but before any of us were even remotely hungry, we sat around the organ bench and watched Brian Regan's DVD "The Epitome of Hyperbole" on Mom's little portable DVD player. She doesn't have a DVD player with her TV.
Mike shows off his new skillz. Yes, he's knitting. Are you knitting your next jumpsuit?
Jimmy laughs at a Brian Regan joke.
Two little girls look for Black Friday deals.
Dog cousins, Lucy and Lily.


froggybaby said…
Aside from really liking the people pictures - and I like Jimmy's new look - I have to say that the one I laughed at is the dog cousins. Did the dogs appreciate having a cousin? Did they get along? I'm glad you had fun and I sure wish we could be there. I made a near promise to Morgan that unless there are unforseen circumstances, we'd be in MN for her senior year Thanksgiving, although I realize that by then you will have graduated 2 kids. If all had gone my way, our oldest would be same age as Jimmy, but things never go quite as I planned and instead we have Morgan and we rather like her. So, maybe we'll be there someday. What a fun time. We had a nice time at Collard's and I'll post about it soon.
I do believe that Lucy and Lily were happy to see ea-to-chother. I was only there to see two-both of them for a few minutes. Jake called up Mike to see if he and Lucy wanted to go on a walk with him and Lily. Then Jake came over and, just to irritate Mom, they took both dogs back to the upstairs sewing room to say hello to her. She was in there on the phone. Isn't it ridiculous that Mom has an upstairs sewing room and a downstairs one? What excess, Mike said.
we would love to have Thanksgiving with everyone next year! That would be fun! Thanks for the invite!
TaterBean said…
Oh...I missed Thanksgiving at Grandma's...makes me sad. I'll be there next time maybe...
Jen said…
We had so much fun with y'all. I just wish we lived much closer. The weather and traffic was horrible last night. Quite scary at times, but we prevailed and got home only one hour late.

The dog cousins do love ea-to-chother so.