Life after Halloween

Life without Halloween decorations lacks excitement. Although I have not yet put the decorations away. Now the pumpkins and spiders and cats just mock me and call me lazy. "You have not put us away yet, how lazy of you!" they say to me every time I pass by.

On to other things. Like the Great Room Switch.

Guess who helped paint?

Hayley painted a shelf that is to go in her room
We have also ordered a room measurement for hardwood floors in this room. We picked out the flooring and it was cheap enough for me to say, "Let's pay someone to install it." Seriously, if we had done it ourselves (and by "we" and "ourselves" I mean mostly "Jim" and "himself") I really don't know when it would have gotten done. Not that Jim procrastinates (he doesn't), but he works lots and isn't home long enough to do the installation in a timely manner. Plus I researched the floating a floor method on the interwebs, and it seemed like it was more involved than I would have thought. Yes, we bought cheap flooring, but in doing so, we can have someone else put it in. I just want it done and now. And no, I don't want to ask friends and family to help. You're welcome. I want to have the boys downstairs by Thanksgiving. I have a whole 'nother room to do after that, although it won't involve putting in new flooring. I've already picked out new paint for that room so the sooner the boys are out, the faster I can get to painting my new sewing/food storage room.


froggybaby said…
Looks like everyone was working hard. Carry on!! I don't have any Halloween decorations to put away...I never had any out. Very sad. Sounds like the great room switch is going well. It is kind of like "fruit basket upset." I loved that game. Also, weird to hear about Tomi Shoenecker after all these years! Funny.
froggybaby said…
Oh, and what is your new heading picture? It looks spooky!!
It's the bar counter at Orchestra Hall. Cool, innit? I took the picture while waiting for Mom and Katie during the James Galway concert earlier this year.
katie said…
ahh...what are you doing to my room? j/k