Getting there

I can't believe it, the Great Room Switch is almost complete!

This morning, I got up at 8 to get the last 75 pounds of trash from the boys' old room. And then I vacuumed until the big yellow Dyson cried UNCLE!

And this is the result.

This is the other corner.They boys still need to get a few things off the walls and then the walls will need a vigorous scrubbing (think "booger board" and dusty old vomit). Then I will paint and fill the room with crafty goodness and food storage items.

And the wine bottles in the shelf unit? Martinelli's sparkling cider. Sort of like the bubbly that redneck Wal-mart ladies card you for. Jen, that is such a fabulously ridiculous story!

The room was put to crafty use almost immediately because I had visitors! Jessie, of Bessie, and Jenni of Hawleyfocus, came for a craft day. Maybe I'll post pictures of our efforts, which were few because we spent too much time gossiping and trading stories and watching Brian Regan and eating chocolate. Jessie, remember our recommendations: Brian Regan, Kathleen Madigan, and Black Adder season 3. And I'll check out Flight of the Conchords. That French song was seriously cool (baguette!).


froggybaby said…
Looks great!! I'm so jealous of you guys. I sure wish I could have been there. Hope you said nice things about me in my absence!!
Jessie said…
I had such a great time yesterday! And, yes, Froggybaby, you were missed.

Oh, don't worry - I've already gone out and purchased a Brian Regan cd. (I'm not sure which one - it was the only one Best Buy had).