Floor Here 2: Installation

The floor guy is here! He showed up when he said he would be here (doubleplusgood points for him in my book!) and he's getting things set up. Whee!

Even better, I don't have to be the one "supervising" him and making sure all the right questions are asked. Jim is home from work for half a day and will do the interacting. But then after noon, Jim leaves for a business trip to Chicago, so if the guy is still here, I'll have to take over.

What am I thankful for today? (I'm still holding off on the "thankful for my husband" post for tomorrow so you have one more day of sap-free Shoebox Tales) I am grateful for

(Pause while I went to eat a Cheerios/Rice Krispies mix for breakfast)

(Pause more while I pet the cat)

(Pause to enjoy husband's presence at 8:15 a.m.)

It's not that I'm not thankful for things, it's that I was feeling uninspired to write about stuff I was truly happy to have. Sort of begs the discussion whether I am truly grateful for it, then, huh? I'm not very inclined to write about deeply personal things like my faith or relationships. Deeply held beliefs are frequently subjects of scorn and dispute and I shy away from both. I'm much more at ease being light-hearted, superficial, and ever so gently sarcastic. As for relationships, the only relationship I feel truly comfortable being sappy about is the one I have with my husband (and children). I don't form attachments easily anyway.

So after some internal argumentation (not augmentation), I have decided to be thankful for two things today. Music and internet friends.

I like to play it and I like to listen to it (although I like to listen to it much less than Jim who must have something on the CD player at all times. And he has refused all pleas to go digital so we can get rid of the honking giant speakers and the space hog of a stereo cabinet in the living room). As a teenager, I played the clarinet in band from 5th to 12th grades. I didn't continue in college because I knew I wasn't an orchestra level player. But I enjoyed it. I still do. I wish I had more time and more opportunities to be a part of a community band. Hayley now has the clarinet and we just got it all fixed up and working much better. The best thing about music is watching my children participate in musical activities. I like going to band concerts (Paul has one tonight), even though I could be at home cleaning. I like playing piano at children's choir so I can watch Matt and Hayley sing. I always liked hearing Katie play her flute, the piano/organ, and sing. Jimmy doesn't play an instrument and the only singing he does is when he thinks no one can hear him and he's listening to his mp3 player. But I see that as one more thing in a long list of ways he is like his daddy. Jimmy appreciates music. And those of us who play need music appreciators, although Jimmy does not appreciate band concerts unless bribed or unless friends are involved. Anyway, I appreciate the opportunity 5 years ago to show just how much I need to practice by accepting the assignment to play organ in church. I knew how to play 5 songs badly out of our hymnbook at the time and now I can play nearly 150 songs just as badly. ;) I like playing for church meetings and have gotten over the shame of making mistakes EVERY FLIPPIN TIME I PLAY. I find that people don't mind the mistakes. They're just glad someone is WILLING to play.

Internet friends
Without going into too much detail, I am grateful for this new technology called "The Internet" that has made it possible for me to "meet" two people (and yes they are both female and both members of the same church I belong to), one whom I have actually met in person, and one whom I have not yet met. One friend has been a great source of comfort and humor, the other one, I am just getting to know and who offered positive constructive criticism on an assignment I wrote for Creative Writing. You two know who you are and thank you for your friendship.


Dennis said…
Without getting too sappy I want to say that I am thankful for you, your husband and your exceptional children (I'm biased, I know). Your musical talents are expressed in the talents of your children. I often wish I had played a musical instrument (I could barely play the radio) but in those days there was only the lyre and later on came the harpsicord. I enjoy singing but only if there is piano or organ accompaniment so I can pick out the bass part.
Jen said…
Very nice post. I, too, am thankful for music. I enjoy having it play much of my day as well. Since I have a mild case of ADHD I get bored very easily with my current music selections. So I'm constantly on the hunt for something new and different.

I have to laugh about your thankfulness of the internet, but I also agree wholeheartedly. Many of the people I now call friends are people I've met online. Strange, but true.
You are a very talented writer. You make stories about your life and family very entertaining! ("gentle sarcasm"! I love it!).

Be thankful for your exceptional writing abilities and extaordinary sense of humor!
froggybaby said…
I don't have any internet friends. Just family and even some of them don't comment on my blog - curses on them
Karie said…
I'm thankful for my internet friends too! Thanks for a fantastic idea for a blog entry--and a glimpse into your early married years.