Mostly pictures from a night of Great Room Switching

One little monkey, jumping on the bed. This is what he does in plain view of his mother. The cheek! The nerve! The disrespect! This is what I get for not caring if he jumps on the bed. He was just excited that the top bunk was temporarily off. That tattered white thing on his bed is his old allergy mattress cover. Time for a new one, I think.

Jim and Paul worked all evening to get the beds (one bunk and one loft) downstairs. It was sweaty work. But they did it and last night, all three boys slept downstairs.

Here is the bunk bed, ready to be slept on. It housed Paul's mattress until Paul's bed was completed.

The mess left behind. The boys used to be so clean and tidy. Matt is a pack rat, though. He's the main cause of the pile. You can see Matt's curio shelf above the poster of the Fish of Minnesota. Matt also likes to tape things onto the walls. We have a lot of cleaning up to do tonight.

This particular travesty of uncleanliness is Jimmy's fault (and kind of Jim's, who brought all these hats home and gave them to the boys). Jimmy shoved all these hats down in the corner and they were left there for a few years to collect dust and house arachnids. I think I need a hazmat suit to deal with this. Nothing less will not stop the heebie-jeebies that I'm sure will consume my thoughts when I take care of this. I'd make Jimmy do it, but he works this evening. Maybe I'll save it for him when he gets home from school and he can clean it up during those few moments when he's actually home.

The teenage boy's equivalent of makeup and hairstyling implements:
Yes, the free weights have somehow moved into the boys' room and situated themselves right in front of the closet door mirrors. Chuckle (despite visions of broken mirror from accidental dumbbell misuse).


Jen said…
How exciting to have another step complete for the great room switch. Hee, hee, I had to laugh, too at the weights. Teenage boys are so vain. Shiver...those hats. Ish. Matt is quite the pack rat. He and Mike share that trait. All the junk in our house can be attributed to Mike.

See ya tomorrow!
froggybaby said…
Jimmy and Morgan share a trait - stuffing things in hidey-holes and then having to deal with the outcome. Morgan acts like it happened to her, rather than that she did it. Travis also has the tendancy to get the kids 'junk' that just takes up space. Thanks. The room switch looks almost fun. Funner to have it done, though. The room looks really good with its new paint, floor, and the beds!!
William moved out to college when he was 18 years and 8 months old and his room looked exactly the same. Right down to the hat pile, weights and things being taped on the wall.