An announcement

It's coming sooner than I thought it would. And mostly I'm okay with that.

Thanks to Jen for taking the picture, thanks to whoever owned the garage door for not coming out and wondering what we were doing, thanks to Jen for finding the font that I swore I had on my font list but didn't, and thanks to OJ for standing there and silently mocking the rest of the world in his pose.


Jen said…
It's a scary thought to think another one of my nephews/nieces is about to venture out into the world on their own. I'm certainly no older though than when I first met that little man, right?

We are looking forward to Jimmy's graduation:)
Jenni said…
Great idea. I'll be there.
Really cute announcement. We are scheduled for camping that weekend so I'm not sure we can make it, but congrats to the whole family!