In which I am home sick

It's stake conference today (explanatory link provided for those of you who don't know what stake conference is) and I'm missing it. I don't remember going often as a child--it was sort of a Get Out of Church Free card--so I never really thought of it as important as going to regular church services where we take the Sacrament. Now that I'm a regular old adult, though, I enjoy going because usually I sing in the choir and get to sit up on the stand and I can hear everything.

But today I am home sick. Not from the frozen dinner I ate on Friday, though, just from some wicked cold virus that has my head spinning. I did nothing yesterday, except be sick and watch Gaslight on PBS with Matt. I think MST3K has permanently altered my ability to appreciate movies, especially black and white ones, because I thought this Academy Award winning movie was over-acted and dull. Plus there was one MST episode called "The Screaming Skull" that was very much like Gaslight in that both husbands were trying to drive the wives insane for their own greedy purposes. I would have normally spent the movie making snarky comments, like Mike/Joel and the 'bots, but the cold had so addled my brain that it took all my energy just to keep my eyelids open and focused on the screen.

I'm a little better today, but still a little swimmy in the head so I'm staying home. And I plan on doing just as much as I did yesterday: nothing.


Jenni said…
Poor you. Feel better. Enjoy the fact that it was Stake Conference, even though in your adult phase, you like Stake Conference. Read my blog.
Jen said…
I hope you make a speedy recovery. Sounds like you got what Vi and I had for the past couple of weeks. I'm so over everyone being sick ALL THE TIME!!!!!

I can't say that we've been regular attenders of Stake Conference especially since living here. The stake center is over an hour away from us. I just can't see driving 2+ hours and dealing with 2 hours of the girls squirrelyness and Vi's fussiness would seem worth it at this point.
Sorry you missed it. It was quite good.
Steph--Yeah, I wish I could have been there to see my old bishop called as a stake presidency member. Jim told me all about it. I could have used the spiritual recharging, but my physical recharging took precedence this weekend.