Running with less hair

In my blog post from yesterday I mentioned that Paul got a hair cut. He got it shaved pretty short, compared to how he's had it for several years. Most of the guys on his track team buzzed their hair. Not at a salon or barbershop, but at the track. I saw them huddled in a group when I went to pick up Paul one day and I asked him what the boys were doing. "Buzzing their hair." Paulie said. I should have shoved him back out the door and had the kids do it rather than spending $13 to have it done at a store. Just kidding.

For some reason, the hair cut made him look older. See?
He looks older than his almost-16 years.
He ran the 3200m in the conference track meet. He wasn't initially slated to run it, but the guy who was the team's 3rd 3200 runner had shin splints. So Paul got to run in his place. It was a hot day--nearly 90 degrees--so I wasn't expecting a great time out of Paul. He did passably well, though, 11:06. Middle-ish of the pack. His two teammates finished 3rd and 7th, so it was a good run from the team. Thursday, Paul runs in the conference 1600m race. That's Paul's specialty in track. He's excited because he and Justin will be running in the "fast" heat. They both had season best times under 4:50 so they get to run in the fast group.

Good luck to Paul on Thursday!


Dennis said…
He looks like Dave did at that age. GO PAUL!
Jen said…
That was the first thing I thought when I saw the pictures of Paul, "Wow! He looks so much older." I think he must be filling out or something, it's not just the haircut. I would have been all for a free haircut, too, if it had been my son. I'll bet Paul would have nothing to do with an unstructured, unprofessional 'do though.

Good running, Paul:)