How the cat convinced me to post some old pictures

He vomited on the couch. We don't know when. But we just found it yesterday and it was all dry and crusty. He got some on a box of photos that had been sitting on the couch so we had to take all the photos out and put them in another box. Fortunately, the photos were still in envelopes so none of them were wrecked. But I thought while we were cleaning, I should scan the photos into the computer for safe-keeping.

So here are a few photos, which I'm posting because the cat threw up. And no, I didn't take pictures of the cat vomit. They are in no particular order and all of them are from the year 2003, except for one which is from the last day of 2002.

A nine-year-old Paulie who I think in this picture looks a little like his Uncle Mike (yes, I said Mike, not Dave) here. And it's not because he's making a face at the camera. It's the eyes.
This is the New Year's Eve 2002 that we spent at Sea World. 4-year-old Matt was trying to pet a dolphin and it squirted water at him. He was not happy.
13-year-old Katie is holding her cousin Annie
11-year-old Other Jim (Jimmy at the time) is building Legos.
6-year-old Hayley is being cute and dimply
Jim is holding a python (no I am not going to mention his age. You are welcome to do the math if you know what year he was born)
I am holding the same pythong (no age for me either). This was for OJ and Paul's combined birthday party. We had a reptile guy come over and show us some snakes and lizards. I have had previous experience holding a python in my 7th grade science class when my teacher convinced the students that we had to hold the pet python to pass the class.
Christmas day, 2003. Hoarfrost on the trees.


Jen said…
Nice pictures! I think that picture of Paul also kind of looks like Mike. I see it in the mouth, but I can see it in the eyes after you mentioned it. Ish, snakes! Glad I didn't attend that party. Shiver! It's always nice to dust off the ol' photo album and look at pictures past.

And shame on the kitty for barfing on your memories. Lily horked yesterday, too, right as she was coming up from the basement. Was it National Cat Vomit Day yesterday?
Jen said…
I saw the pictures of the kids (younger versions) and they didnt seem different to me, I just thought that you were posting kids pics. It wasnt till I read your post that I realized that the pictures of them were when they were much younger. I guess my mind sees them as those little nieces and nephews not grown things. Especially OJ and Paul, I could have sworn that those pictures were taken today if you just showed them to me at random. They will always be like 8 in my mind. I wonder if Aunt Dorthy still sees me as an 8 yr old.