One more batch of parade photos to add to my collection

We honored our veterans today by going to the local Memorial Day parade and watching the cool military vehicles drive by. I thought of my brother (who is still alive, fortunately, and doing what he does best--irritating those closest to him) who serves in the military by performing root canals on other military personnel with dental problems. Thanks Mike for your service! And more thanks to the rest of the men and women out there who have served our country with their time, energy, might, and mind.

Following the military vehicle portion of the parade was the marching band. This is the sixth (or seventh?) time we've been out for the parade to watch a child march. Looking for a marching band child is like playing Where's Waldo. The band uniforms make everyone look way too similar. I had to go by instrument, but they go by so quickly that sometimes it's hard to find the child. The band had to slow down by us, so I was able to spot Paul, who was trying to hide in the middle of the row. Fortunately he is the only horn player in his row, so that made him easier to spot.He refused to acknowledge me shouting his name.


Jen said…
Looks like a nice parade. Paul looks so handsome in his uniform. You are a naughty mum for trying to make him look at you. Doesn't he have the obligation like those British guards to maintain his stance no matter what distraction?

I'm sure Mike will appreciate your gratitude to him for serving our country. Even though his initial entry into the Navy was for educational purposes, I know he truly enjoys his duty in the military (even more so when he was in Iraq).
Jenni said…
Yay for band pictures. Thanks for pointing out the tick. I knew they were back there.