A wee bit of complaining

Can you stand some venting? I'll limit it to...

Ten things that are broken in my house.

1. is partly my fault. I sat on the couch last night and the repairs that Jim made previously to it decided to give out with a loud thunk. Matt and Hayley had a good laugh at my expense.
2. The breaking of the couch caused me to think of other things in the house that I am currently mad at, like all the window frames. All of them have broken pieces.
3. The deck door too.
4. The hot water tap in the laundry tub leaks.
5. Some cupboard doors' hinges (bathroom and kitchen) are falling off.
6. The closet door in the sewing room is non-existent (well, it exists, but it exists in the garage, useless for blocking the mess of the closet in the sewing room from judgmental eyes--mine).
7. All the outside faucets leak.
8. The ceiling in the bathroom around the skylight leaks and it is terribly stained.
9. The B-flat below middle C on the piano is tinny.
10. And the clock Gary made won't work. Ten years it ticked, tocked, and chimed and now it's stuck at 9:25 (a.m. or p.m., I can't tell). I'm especially sad that this clock is not working because Gary isn't here to fix it.

I think I need to learn some repair/carpentry/plumbing/piano tuning/clockwork skills.


Jenni said…
Good post. It made me think of all the things at our house that are broken. Glad I'm not the only one. Sorry about your clock. We need to get our clock running, too.
Jen said…
Sounds like Handyman Jim is sure going to be busy. Our house (even though we've only lived here for almost 2 years) has some stupid little things to fix all over, too. It's annoying because it's definitely not our fault. At least your couch troubles are internal and can't be seen. Our couch is hideous and embarrassing to show to people who visit. It looks like we claimed it off the side of the road. I swear we bought it brand new and it decided to become craptacular only 2 months after purchase. UGH!

Sad to hear about your clock. Ours still works, but then again we haven't run it regularly for the past 10 years like you. I have to admit that I'm not a clock-that-chimes person. The sounds freak me out EVERY time, and I never can seem to get used to them. I even get annoyed with Mike's watch that beeps twice every hour. What is wrong with me??
Marta said…
oh! oh! cupboard door hinges are easy! take the screw out, fill the hole with glue (wood, gorilla, elmers) and toothpicks. pack 'em in. then put the screw back in.
*writing down suggestion*
Thank you Marta!

Jen--watch alarms annoy me, but I got used to the chiming of Gary's clock even at night. Even Fake Child noticed when it stopped and asked why it wouldn't make noise anymore.

Jenni--And I didn't include old filthy ratty carpets that need to be replaced on my list either. Or ripped linoleum. I oughta just pull the house down and put up a whole new one in its place.