Before school

Can I get a Hallelujah?

I went for an hourlong walk this morning and was back BEFORE Matt went to school! I finally did it! I exercised before sitting down to the computer!

(Cue a second Hallelujah)

I like having kids that get themselves ready for school. The only thing is that sometimes they forget things. Like Matt did this morning.

Today is Fun in the Sun at Matt's school--essentially a day-long gym class. It's a lovely day outside and Matt will have fun. I got back from my walk as he was making his lunch. He had his baseball cap sitting by his lunch. He asked me where the sunscreen was, which I got out for him because it was on the top shelf in the bathroom closet (presumably put there as a safety precaution against my children accidentally getting it out and eating it). I also reminded him that he had to bring a water bottle. So he had all of it out on the counter ready to go.

He seemed in control of things, so I went downstairs to the computer (and was delighted to discover that a friend had linked to a post of mine in a list of blog posts she found inspirational. Thanks Stephanie! I'm honored!) And then he left.

And then the door banged open and a Matt-sized whirlwind blasted his way up the stairs. I asked him what he was doing, and he said he forgot his lunch. He ran back out to the bus stop, banging the screen door again.

So I was about to comment on other blogs, and then the deck door opened and I heard Matt's pounding footsteps again. I asked him what it was this time. He said, "Water bottle." And he was gone.

I'm so glad he didn't miss the bus. And I'm glad I was able to sit back and watch without worrying or participating in his forgetfulness. He eventually got it all together.

Kids do that. They aren't perfect, but they are more capable than we sometimes think.


Jenni said…
Yep!! Good for you going out and walking. I'm thinking about doing after I get home from droppingh off at dance. I haven't don't yoga in ages and I'm lookin it. I hope Matt had a fun day at outside day and that he didn't get burned!!
Jen said…
Way to go with your pre-school exercising. I'll bet you felt great afterward and ready for anything that day:) I wish I had the energy to do the same, but I'd have to get up at 4:00 a.m. in order to be back in time before Mike left for work. Not gonna happen.

Poor Matt! It looks like he is definitely Mike's nephew. I reminded Mike 3 days in a row to remember to pull Lucy's collar off the charger before he leaves for work. Has he done it even once? Not a chance.