Cat in the Hat

Other Jim is preparing to leave for Rochester this morning to go to Prom with Edna. He says he's going to stay the night at her house and then leave early in the morning so that he will be home early enough for Mother's Day. I don't know why it surprises me that he would actually make that concession. He's never remembered Mother's Day on his own before. Maybe Edna reminded him.

OJ didn't have time to rent another tux since he only got asked to Edna's prom earlier this week so he went to Men's Wearhouse and bought himself a SUIT. On his own. With his own money. He loves his suit. He brought the vest home immediately and spent one evening trying on all his dress shirts and ties with the vest and strutting around in front of the mirror.

I picked up the rest of the suit last night and I heard him late last night, after he got home from hanging out with some friends, trying on his suit.

He also bought a hat.And he's been wearing around the house too.
When did he become such a fan of dressing up? I distinctly remember many years of pleading with him to put on his church clothes and getting nothing but argument back. Now he owns 18 ties in all colors and he BOUGHT HIS OWN SUIT.


Dennis said…
Wow, 2 proms in one week. He sure gets around. No wonder being as handsome as that and the hat is a way cool accessory. He should try some ascots (NOT). I'm sure an uncle would approve.
Jenni said…
Funny how persnickety boys become. They really do...well not all the boys. Boys in my classes have more shoes than me: shoes to match every shirt they own. How funny of Jimmy - and a hat?

ps - I'm working on a post, just got pictures downloaded and have to get a couple more from other cameras. sigh
Jenni said…
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Jenni said…
I removed that last post on account of I accidentally posted twice, so it wasn't some creeper who said something mean and then deleted it. Unless you think I am a creeper who checks your blog daily, then yes.
Jen said…
Another prom. Wow, OJ has been busy. Good for him for enjoying dressing up. I kind of do, too. I just never have any reason to these days. Cool hat! Do you think we could get Mike to wear one like that...LOL?