Vacancy in my brain

Ten thinks for today (intentional misspelling because I love puns)

1. I'm having a difficult time getting the groove on today.
2. For example, I didn't exercise this morning.
3. And I'm still wearing my bathrobe.
4. I'm rationalizing it all by telling myself that at least I've started the dishwasher and the washing machine.
5. But then the bed isn't made.
6. Then I start thinking about getting a different job.
7. But I'm afraid of change.
8. OH, I haven't eaten breakfast.
9. Maybe that's my problem with today.
10. Baseball game tonight in the new stadium! First time for me, second time for Jim, who WENT WITHOUT ME when I was flying to Utah to visit Katie. I'm still bitter. He loves the new stadium (more than he loves me, I think sometimes, because he talks about it all the time. I doubt he talks as much about me to other people).

Bonus thought: Am I jealous of the new baseball stadium's hold on Jim? I believe I am!

Another bonus thought: I grew up with the Metrodome. Outdoor baseball in Minnesota will feel so WRONG.

Another another bonus thought: The second half of thought #10 was an example of me being facetious. Any attempt by you readers to interpret it as a serious thought will be ignored or possibly fined two hot dogs (both with mustard, one with sauerkraut. Jim likes sauerkraut on his dog) and a cotton candy (candy floss for you Brits) (as if any Brits read this blog) (I just wanted to show off my knowledge of British usage).


Jen said…
I'm right there with you. Haven't done much of anything today except hold a snotty baby and get kids ready for school/the day this morning. Vi's finally sleeping, so I did put in a load of laundry (that's thanks to you).

I don't know what to tell you about Jim's apparent obsession with the new stadium. I would say at least he's not talking about the Beatles (whom I think he would give everything up in order to live with one). I'm just being facetious, too. Jim is more than devoted to you, but he's just really excited about the new stadium. I'll take those 2 hot dogs though or even the cotton candy.
Jen said…
Now I'm thinking about hot dogs and will probably eat one for lunch. So much for that diet we talked about earlier.
You can always cut up a cooked hot dog and put it on a salad.
Dennis said…
I had a hot dog for lunch. Ketchup & mustard only, absolutly NO sauerkraut.
Jenni said…
I heard about the new stadium from one of my students. He saw pictures. I hope you had fun at the game and were thoroughly impressed with the stadium.

We had turkey keilbasa last night, is that hot dogish enough?