I'm not supposed to be here

I'm supposed to be doing housework.

But I have a ten things list.

Ten things I can do today that will make me feel good at the end of the day:
1. I can put away the laundry Jim folded yesterday. He folded many many baskets and I can put away what he folded. And I did already.
2. Use the food I have in my freezer instead of buying more stuff at the store. I need the freezer space because a graduation is coming up and I'll need the freezer space to store the cake after I bake it. And it will be a large cake.
3. I will get the job I was supposed to do on Saturday done today. I do have an excuse for not vacuuming and dusting the living room, though. Piano lessons went WAY long because several hours of time were not actually used for piano lessons (Jim took the piano teacher, aka my mother, to Best Buy to get a new computer) and because we were given free Twins tickets for Saturday night (a last minute thing) and we spent only one hour at home all the waking hours of the day.
4. Win more Killer Bunny games. Awesome game, but difficult to learn if no one teaches you how. Gotta play with Paul. He didn't participate in the games yesterday.
5. Mail off the addressed graduation announcements. OJ is addressing them--I've given him the task and a list of people to send them to. If you read this, you're probably invited. I'll post an official invitation later.
6. Eat the chocolate that I got at church yesterday and managed to save til today
7. Make the bed
8. Eat a salad for lunch.
9. Talk to the kids when they get home from school
10. Smile for no reason, with reason, against reason, despite reason not to, etc.


Jenni said…
Good for you. Glad you have ten things to keep you focused!! Good luck and carry on.
Karie said…
I like #10--I'll try to apply it in the remaining hours of daylight today. And if you don't mind, I'm not gonna hold my breath for a graduation announcement. :D
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