Spring is here, and that means it's time for all good senior boys to rent tuxes and buy flowers in unnatural colors for girls who want very badly to dress up like princesses and to go to a ball. And Other Jim, being a good senior boy, did just that. He took a girl from down south (all the way from Rochester, MN). He tends to go with out-of-school-district girls because he's a rebel (not. I don't know why he likes to take girls from not around here to dances).

You want some pictures?

Turn back now if you don't want to look at girls in pretty dresses and boys looking clean and dandy.

Other Jim places the corsage on Edna's wrist.
Going outside for pictures. The group is pretty large--13 couples--so it takes some time to wrangle them into place.
OJ gets his boutonneire pinned on after his father arrives with a pin.
Look at the rainbow of prom dresses!
Boys. What a handsome lot they are. I have known four of them, besides OJ, since they were little boys (oh, one of them isn't in this picture. So 3 of these boys) and they have all grown up to be nice guys (and good-lookin'!)
Except their legs aren't so good-lookin'. They're kinda creepy.
OJ and Riley goof around
OJ and Edna again
Fo' Mos. These four, (OJ, Jordan, Ethan, and Riley) are the four Mormon boys (there are no Mo senior girls) in the senior class at their school. I am friends with the parents of the three other boys and we thought it would be fun to have the four of them pose together. They've kind of grown up together.
And OJ and Edna yet again
OJ is doing his best impression of his Uncle Mike's Smarmy face
The high school has a Grand March before Prom. It's televised on a local cable station. They announce each girl and her escort. So here is Edna T escorted by James E.
After the Grand March, the kids boarded their party bus (no plain ol' limo for them!) for the ride to Sofitel in Richfield for the dinner and dance. Have fun!
My favorite picture:


Jenni said…
How fun to have FOUR momo boys all together!! Looks like a fun bunch and those pictures are really great. The parade of dresses is really fun to watch. OJ has grown to be a fabo young man!
Jen said…
Suwee, O.J. looks like quite the handsome chap in his tux. So many brightly colored dresses. The hair on a couple of the girls are quite large, too. So much so that one of the girls' bouffant is hiding her date's face...LOL. Lovely pictures, were these taken at the nearby park in which I've taken 2 of your kids' senior pictures?
Jenni--thanks! Except Edna told me that last night he complained out loud about having to "eat nicely." He knows how to eat politely (i.e. take smaller, WAY smaller, bites) but makes sure everyone around him knows that he'd rather eat like a piggy.

Jen--no, the location was at the house of one of the girls.
Dennis said…
Ah senior prom. OJ looks so handsome and his date is a dish. The whole thing looks like so much fun. I hope they enjoyed the evening. How great that the 4 mo's are together for this.
At my sr prom several guys (in keeping with a beach format) rented powder blue tux's with Bermuda Shorts.
Congrats to OJ for winning the girl with the most modest dress prize. Seriously.