Running a mile in his own shoes

More conference running action! Paul ran the 1600m yesterday in the conference meet. He and the other boys from his team all had fast enough times to run in the "fast" heat. The day was much more pleasant than Tuesday so we were hopeful.

Here he is, off in the distance, running. I've labeled the important parts of the picture for you.
Paul had a pretty good race. He ran it in 4:50. Not his best but pretty close. He came in 9th place and just made it to the podium--or next to the podium. They don't have a step for 9th place. But they had a ribbon for him.
The conference placement. Our team was the only team that had all three runners place in the meet. Carl got 6th, Justin got 8th, and Paul got 9th. Woo!
The Lakers boys track team milers: Carl, Justin, and Paul. Carl and Justin both graduate in a few days. After I took this picture, Justin commented, "Well, that was stinky!" I tried not to get too close after that.

Paul and his ribbon. I will make him keep it forever and ever!
PS The boys and girls teams won first place in the conference meet. The girls from our school always win, but the boys have always placed near the bottom. This is the first meet they've won in a long time. Off to Sections next week! Paul will be running the mile in that.

Paul also officially lettered by placing in a conference meet. He now has four letters! Two in Cross Country and two in Track!


Jen said…
How awesome for Paul to place with his team and get the opportunity to be on the podium. So glad they have that fence to keep the ticks out.
Karie said…
I LOOOOOOVE your labeled picture. You should do that more often. And I'm glad ticks exist because they make you funny. (Not that other things don't make you funny, too....)
Jenni said…
I thought his four letters were P-A-U-L. Congrats to him on a fine race. I noticed he has some extra space in between his knees.

Like Jen said, glad there is a chain link fence to keep the ticks out.
Dennis said…
That was a good one Jenni (P-A-U-L).
Congratulations, may you run far and fast.