Hayley is now a full-fledged bassoon player in her band. Her band put on a concert last night and I got to see her on her new instrument (I heard her too!).

Here she is with some friends. The girl in front said to me after I took the picture, "And no posting this on Facebook!" I didn't promise not to post it on my blog.
Hayley plays her bassoon!
Her hand on the keys. She played some low notes.
I added this one because I think it's a fun picture of her smiling at someone in the jazz band. He was wearing a hat like Other Jim's and some sunglasses. Hayley found it amusing. I find this picture amusing. (I don't know what is up with her hair. She "styles" it herself)


Dennis said…
I think the bassoon is a way cool instrument. Way to go Hayley.
Jenni said…
and other tomfoolery. She looks great playing such an exotic instrument. I like the picture of her smiling at a boy. It looks like she is sticking out her tongue at first glance!! I like your comment about her "style." That is my favorite phase!!
Jen said…
Wow! Let the bassoonery ensue and by such a talented young lady. I like seeing Hayley smile:)