Ice Princess

I'm cleaning out my freezer. It's something I haven't done in, The ice is thick on the walls, even though it's supposed to be a frostless freezer.

Cleaning it out is a long process because we are trying to eat our way to the bottom. At first it was great--I had a whole week of meals for which I had to buy not a single thing! I had meat in the freezer, veggies in the freezer, and fruit in the freezer! We ate well.

For the first few feet down.

For the last week or so now, we've been eating off the layer of older food. We've been eating freezer-burned chicken and fish. There is one more nice vacuum-packed roast left (thanks Jake!) that hasn't suffered and we'll get to that Sunday.

But today I reached a new low, both in spirit and freezer layer. I refuse to eat applesauce that was dated 8/99. Matt said, "That's almost as old as I am!"

I am, however, having for dinner a frozen dinner (we used to call them TV dinners) from time immemorial. I have no idea when I bought it and the box looks abused, the food covered with icebergs.

If I don't post tomorrow, you'll know I've eaten something I should have thrown out.


Jenni said…
That is a great goal, to eat through one's freezer. Maybe mom should try it. Our freezer went out over Christmas while we were gone, and we lost all the food in ours. It takes a while to stock back up. Enjoy the journey.
Jen said…
Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep. If I die before I wake, blame it on the squash I ate.
Andrea said…
I found your blog thru diapers and divinity. So fun!
Hope you are still alive.
Jen said…
We're eating freezer burned rolls that Mike pulled out of the freezer today. I purchased them for the first Christmas we had here:P
Jen, I have whole chickens in my freezer that are older than your girls. 2-year-old rolls are NOTHIN.