I'm just popping in to say that I spent a most wonderful afternoon at the lake beach with the kids, Jim, and a friend of Jim's from high school and his family, and my mother. Our kids and the Halterman kids got along great, despite not knowing each other very well yet. My Jim and Lynn Halterman have been friends since they were kids.

The temp was near 90, but the humidity was low. No cloud dared cast a shadow over our picnic. We sat by the lake with our feet in the water, watching the boys play in the water and find giant sticks on the lake bottom. Other Jim brought his frolf (frisbee golf) hole (a.k.a. the Festivus pole) and the bigger boys had fun with that for a bit.


Even the sunburn on my neck feels right.


Jenni said…
How nice is that!! Sounds like a picture perfect day.
Jen said…
I love those kind of days especially at the beach. I look forward to taking the girls to the beach all summer. We only got a few opportunities last summer as never seemed to warm up enough or stay dry long enough. Fingers crossed that this summer is much better.