Target Field

The actual game was a downer, since the Twins were shut out 2-0 by the Orioles, but I enjoyed wandering around the new stadium taking pictures of this strange new baseball environment.

The view as I first walked in the gates to Target Field:
Jim and I walked around on several decks. This is the upper deck.
I ate Chinese while walking around. I didn't have dinner before we left.
Under the upper deck you can see SKY. You can also get rained on.
A very flat Bert Blyleven.
The "fowl" pole.
This bird (a hawk perhaps?) sat up on the first base foul pole most of the night. Since the game was a yawner (the Twins got shut out 2-0), the crowd, especially in the outfield, watched the bird swoop off the pole and eat insects. They'd cheer every time the bird swooped. The camera crew caught on and showed occasional live footage on the big screen of the bird sitting on its perch.

(I must confess, I miss the Dome. I was familiar with it and I enjoyed getting sucked out as we left the building. Outdoor baseball seems weird in Minnesota)


Karie said…
That bird made ESPN's Top 10 last night! I loved the shot of it sitting on the foul pole with a moth clutched in one foot. Awesomeness.
Awesome! I saw it catch a moth while it was swooping. I guess the bird is a regular at the field. Some ornithologist said it was an American Kestrel. Whatever it is, it is fun to watch in action!
Jen said…
I think I would have been more interested in the bird, too. I'm sure you'll get used to the outdoor field. It looks beautiful from what I can see. We are going to a Cubs games next week with Mike's work. They have an outdoor field, too, but it's ancient and dirty.
Jenni said…
Trav was really excited to see pictures of the new field. I have a student that keeps me informed on the Twins' progress. I would be entertained by the bird and I think that it is funny that after only a month, the field has a natural mascot. I wonder what was there before?
I think a parking lot was there before the stadium.
Dennis said…
I saw the hawk on TV too. That's really cool. Thursday as I was driving my bus out of the parking lot an EAGLE flew up out of some trees with a squirrel in it's talons. I didn't see if the squirrel was squirming or not but usually the bird of prey will break the back or neck of it's victim.