Pumpkins and carrots and beans, oh my!

I will plant my garden today.
I will plant my garden today.
I will plant my garden today.

No slacking off. It's nice out, the garden has been tilled, and I have no plans except to babysit. Fake Child would like to help too. So there is no excuse today for not putting in some seeds.

I'm posting this here so that I have to answer to you. I'm forcing myself to suffer accountability. I've told you all that I am going to get the garden going today, so that I am less likely to make excuses not to do it.

Ask me tomorrow if I did it.


Karie said…
Did you do it?

Ok, I may have been a tad early with that. I have a question for you though--we started our tomatoes about a month ago. They seem to flourishing in the big pot I transplanted them to. When can I start looking for baby tomatoes? Also, does this mean I am a real gardener now?
Jenni said…
I am holding you to it. Darn it.
Dennis said…
It's hot today why not wait for cooler weather. Go inside, have a glass of lemonade, eat a brownie and read a book.
Karie--by the time I read your comment, it wasn't too early. How tall are your tomatoes? I've gotten little yellow tomato blossoms when the plants are about a foot tall. Don't quote me on that though. You're a real gardener if you care for a plant (PS-got the cd! As soon as Fake Child goes to school, I'm putting it in the cd player! Thanks!)

Jenni--No darning necessary. Done!

Dad--brownie and lemonade sound good, but the gardening is done today. I might indulge tonight when I do my homework though.
The kids helped me do our garden. That was. interesting.
Karie said…
Sara--the plants are about 4 inches tall. I'll be patient. More patient than my children, anyway, who think that every speck of dust on the leaves is a bud. :D Hope you like the CD!
Jen said…
So, did you do it? Mike has been very excited and quite motivated about our garden the past couple of years. This is nice for me because I can then just enjoy the fruits of the labor without the labor (or very much of it).
Yes I planted my garden!