Vanity and silver nails

When I was a little girl, I loved metallics--anything gold or silver in color. I especially liked silver. I wanted silver shoes in the worst way. I finally got them when I was nineteen and wore them out.

Yesterday, my love for silver was rekindled. Witness:Wow, my fingers look like uncooked sausages. Here's a picture where they look a little slimmer: Sister Jen, I'll have you notice that I did not get finger nail polish all over the skin around my fingers.

I would like to mention that most of the time I don't wear nail polish. I don't get manicures (or pedicures). I have a nasty habit of chewing on my fingers and I've noticed that nail polish isn't all that tasty. But. I do like to wear it to keep myself from chewing on my nails every 6 months or so when my nails start to get long, which they are right now. And I saw this polish at Target and just HAD to have it.

While I don't get manis or pedis, I do go to a salon to get my hair colored. I did so yesterday. And then Paul texted me after track asking if he could get his hair cut (not by me) before the big conference track meet tomorrow (at which he will be running in the 3200m race. 1600m is Thursday). So I took him to get his hair cut at a different place than where I get mine done. The stylist was very chatty with him, and I sat in the waiting area doing my crossword puzzles. When Paul was finished and I was paying, the stylist said, "I was just telling your son that you don't look old enough to have a son his age." Paul nodded in agreement. She said, "maybe you look so young because you actually style your hair." HAHAHAHA! Slam on us old moms! And my nanosecond of happy vanity popped. Oh well. Really, I don't dye my hair to look younger, or I'd be in the salon every few weeks to get the roots touched up. The real reason I get my hair dyed is because I think my genes got it wrong. I should have been a redhead, not a gunmetal-gray-brown-head. But when I get enough silver hair, I'm totally going with that instead.


Jenni said…
LOVE the polish. I just got gold the other day and am wearing it now. We match in our metallics!!

And no, neither of us look old enough to have grown kids. I need to get my hair "done" before going to MN!
Jen said…
Your nails are way cool. I'm a silver lover, too. Hence, why I have a white gold wedding ring and usually will opt for silver jewelry instead of gold. Your hair does look nice with the red shades. I agree that we are not always given the hair color we're meant to be. My hair is more meant to be a golden brown with blonde highlights, and I'm sticking with it until I'm dead. No silver hair for me ever.
Karie said…
I like the silver--very pretty!