Complaining continued

I try not to be a downer on my blog. I don't much like reading blogs of people who whine and moan and think that life has not treated them fairly. So I try to be upbeat. Any complaining I do is more of the facetious "woe is me!" *hand to the forehead* (trying to be funny) type of complaining. Life has blessed me in many ways. And I try to be more pleasant than whiny-funny.


I found more stuff to complain about. Bear with me. And keep in mind that I am in no way in need of comforting; there is nothing wrong; I'm still happy about other things.


Ten other things to complain about besides yesterday's "moan" about stuff in my house that is broken:

1. I found a tick on a laundry basket this morning. *shudder* Now I am worried that my house is infested with ticks. I'm afraid of going in long grass. Plus I have the heebies and every little itch or tickle has me flailing around like I'm covered with disease-infested ticks. GET THEM OFF ME!
2. I think one of the cats has a urinary tract infection. What do I do? The beast will NOT like going to the vet and will probably piddle all over the van while in transit. *shakes fist at Servo* Plus I'll have to convince a certain member of the family that the cat is worth the $$ to take to the vet and to spend on the medication, whatever it is.
3. There are ALWAYS socks on the family room floor. KIDS, PICK UP YOUR SWEAR-WORDING SOCKS!
4. I was going to complain about the inability of my pillow to provide the necessary comfort and support while I am in bed, but I just remembered that I bought a new pillow yesterday and so I have no reason to complain about it anymore.
5. Either the junk drawer in the dining room eats pencils or the kids do, because suddenly, we have not a single usable utensil of the graphite lead variety with accompanying usable eraser. NOT A SINGLE ONE. We used to have a regular influx of pencils from parties the kids attended (by law, treat bags from children's parties must include at least one new pencil, preferably patterned with Spongebob, Star Wars characters, or Hello Kitty) or from prizes at school for turning in homework or whatever. But middle school and high school don't hand out pencils for prizes I guess, and the kids don't attend very many parties anymore so the supply of pencils has dried up. I actually had to go to Target and BUY pencils--at the end of the school year!
6. Pens too.
7. Jim and I watched a DVD recently that we got from Netflix. It sounded interesting. But we realized a few minutes into it that we'd seen it before. Unfortunately, we had forgotten it so completely, that we had to watch it again just to remind ourselves what happened. It's really annoying to sit through a movie that during every scene we said, "this is familiar" but we couldn't picture what came afterward. (The movie was "The Invisibles." Meh. After watching it, I understood why we had so completely forgotten its plot, characters, and very existence)
8. I was reminded yesterday that my tendency towards shyness with people I don't know comes off as aloofness and makes me seem judgmental. I really have to start saying hello to people more often and not hide from them or worry that they don't want me to talk to them.
9. This isn't necessarily a complaint, just a learning experience. What I learned: chew tortillas more thoroughly. How I learned what I learned: I nearly choked on one last night while eating taco soup with tortilla chips. At one point I felt like my breath was being drawn through a coffee straw. I panicked only for a little bit (Matt panicked a bit more and seemed quite alarmed when he asked me if I was okay) until I realized that I could cough and that breathing was slowly getting easier.
10. This post is way too long. I wish I weren't able to find so many things to complain about!


Dennis said…
Want to fix my jeans? I need either shorter legs on the jeans or longer legs on my body.
Jenni said…
The tick would have given me the heebies AND the jeebies.

I am with you on the pencil thing, also scissors.

Poor Servo.



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Jen said…
A TICK! It wasn't THE TICK was it because I would be quite surprised that you have the heebie jeebies about that:) Otherwise, ISH! That would creep me out and make me think they were all over my house, too. I have a kid in elementary who comes home with new and stupidly themed pencils weekly. Yet, we are always searching for pencils. Grrr! I ain't never heard of the Invisibles, but I suppose after your non-review I probably never will find out more.
Jen, if it had been THE TICK, I would have kissed his big blue face and asked where Arthur, Batmanuel (I have a phone named after him) and Captain Liberty were.

Gratuitous THE TICK tv show quote:
"Well contrary to popular belief, death isn't just for dead people. It can happen to anyone. I know, it's news to me too. And it's not just people either, it's all kinds of stuff. Horses, fiddler crabs. Did you know that even a potato... can die?"