No this is not a post about our wannabe Senator's sofa.

Can you say "cheap couch?" I can. Even through gritted teeth.

Remember when I blogged about the stupid broken couch? (and by the way, this is the second time it has broken) Jim fixed it on Saturday. And then reinforced it yesterday. Wanna see what the underside of my couch looks like? Sure you do.

This is where it broke the first time. Sandwiched in all that wood, metal, and duct tape mess is a 1 x 4 that served as the support for the back of the couch--where the couch receives the most stress from hefty backsides. A 1 x 4. CHEAP STUPID (but oh so comfortable ) COUCH.

This is the most recent break.See Jim. See Jim fix the couch. See Jim not get frustrated like his wife at the cheap manufacturers of furniture.

And now our couch is cobbled together with bits and parts of past projects.
One more section to break.

You would think paying as much as we did for this couch that it would be well-made. But I guess I'm showing my ignorance of the way companies really do business. Then again, maybe a 1 x 4 is fine and we are just hippos or are abusive to furniture.

Thanks, Jim, for fixing the couch. Both times. I would have just gone to buy a new couch. I would have assumed that it was too far gone for repair, and I wouldn't have known what to do. Although maybe I'm selling myself short; I did fix the piano that one time (well, I removed a coin). Anyway, thanks.

In other news, no school today. On the agenda: Matt will go to a day camp thingie at the local fitness club with a friend, Hayley will have a friend over, Jimmy will register for the ACT test, I will go grocery shopping and babysit fake child, Paul will do whatever it is that he does when he has nothing to do. And just because Jim works for a bank doesn't mean he gets these minor holidays off, sad to say.


Jen said…
Good for Jim even making the attempt to fix that beast. I hope that the repairs hold up for as long as you plan to use the couch. We still have to deal with our cheap couch, too. Right now we've just got it covered with blankets to hide the cheapness.
froggybaby said…
Congrats on a job well done. I often wonder how the hideous furniture of our youth withstood such abuses as we doled on it. How? That plaid couch lasted decades and became a hand-me-down thrice over (at least). Who knows.
froggybaby said…
I plan to post later, but need a USB that fits Rozzie's camera.
That hideous furniture must have been made with titanium beams. Trust the ugly furniture to be built really really well.

So what have we learned, folks?

Ugly=well built.